Episode 13 - Queens of the Sapphire Sea: Ex Marcs the Spot

Belle and Madeleine are in a tough scrape: chased by Cat Yudain and her flying banshees after finding a map to Napoleon's lost treasure, they'll have to deal with shady bartenders, exploding barrels of gunpowder, and the worst thing imaginable: an ex-fiance!

Episode 7 (Live Recording!) - The Adventures of Dock Doyle, Longshoreman's Lament Part 2

Our latest episode is up! It's a live recording, so it's a little rough, but it's a fun, pulpy ode to old-time radio as noted adventurer Dock Doyle takes on organized crime, communists, and a crippling addiction to alcohol in this, Longshoremen's Lament Part Two (don't worry: there was never a part one).