Queens of the Sapphire Sea 107 - ...And I'll Suffer No Spies

Radio Room's season finale is here, the second part of our double-header of Queens of the Sapphire Sea! Both Bernassis are captured... but that might just be a good thing, considering that old scores, dark secrets, and more are waiting for them in the skies! And that's not counting the anger between the aunt and niece! Can the pair remain the undisputed queens of the sky? Or is their last adventure this, "...And I'll Suffer No Spies"!

Episode 13 - Queens of the Sapphire Sea: Ex Marcs the Spot

Belle and Madeleine are in a tough scrape: chased by Cat Yudain and her flying banshees after finding a map to Napoleon's lost treasure, they'll have to deal with shady bartenders, exploding barrels of gunpowder, and the worst thing imaginable: an ex-fiance!

Episode 3 - Queens of the Sapphire Sea: An Air of Propriety

After an airship crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, Belle and Madeleine race to the scene with different thoughts on their mind (booty and rescue, respectively), but when an old adversary shows up, they'll have to put aside their differences to escape with their lives. With seaplane mercenaries, dogfights, and old scores to settle, it's another high-flying day in the life of the Queens of the Sapphire Sea!

If you like Hayao Miyazaki, airplane adventures set in France in the 1930s, high-flying action, and dogfights over the Mediterranean Sea, you'll be sure to love it! Take a listen here or on iTunes, Pocket Casts, or any fine podcast catcher.