Episode 9 - Queens of the Sapphire Sea: Bell of the Ball

Our latest episode is live! In this, the latest episode of Queens of the Sapphire Sea, we find Belle and Madeleine surrounded by a cast of their worst enemies in that most dastardly of places... a Monacan Gala! Tune in as the Bernassis drink, dance, and dodge their way to freedom!

Episode 8 - Tales of the Halloween Team: Chelsea Hell House

Our latest episode is live! Give a listen as the Halloween Team deals with racist spiders, serial killers, and casques of montillado (ore howevr its speled)! Don't miss out on Tyrant Rex's newest masterpiece!

Episode 7 (Live Recording!) - The Adventures of Dock Doyle, Longshoreman's Lament Part 2

Our latest episode is up! It's a live recording, so it's a little rough, but it's a fun, pulpy ode to old-time radio as noted adventurer Dock Doyle takes on organized crime, communists, and a crippling addiction to alcohol in this, Longshoremen's Lament Part Two (don't worry: there was never a part one).