Queens of the Sapphire Sea 105 - Just Deserts

Queens of the Sapphire Sea returns in this episode of travels and travails! Madeleine recruits Archilanly to help rescue Belle and Kingston after the two have been shot down over the Sahara Desert, but dangerous tidings are afoot! An old foe will stop at nothing to slake her thirst for vengeance, a familiar gangster exacts a terrible price for his aid, and the sands themselves threaten the lives of all who enter its wastes in this, the first of the last three episodes fo Radio Room's first season: "Just Deserts"!

Episode 4 - Queens of the Sapphire Sea: Industrious Revolution

Listen in to our latest thrilling episode, featuring your favorite high-flying seaplane mercenaries, Belle and Madeleine Bernassi!

After Belle is captured by Fascist revolutionaries, Madeleine and Kingston have to race to rescue her, fighting each other as much as the raging storm that threatens to tear their plane apart!