Debuting March 1st, 2016

Not every superhero team is made equal. Take the Halloween Team, for example: a bunch of misfits with supernatural powers, they've been thrust together by forces that... okay, let's be real. They're just bored and don't want to face the horrors of Brooklyn alone. Tune in to hear them fight off horrors from beyond, take out racist plutocratic arachnids, and squabble over who gets to choose what to watch on Netflix!

Debuting April 15th, 2016

France. The 1930s. The Riviera is protected from high-flying brigands by the finest seaplane pilots-for-hire in the world: Belle Bernassi and her niece, Madeleine. The pair don't just have to worry about their mercenary arch-rivals, however. Overly amorous suitors, a (dis)organized crime syndicate, rumrunning monks, and belligerent revolutionaries all threaten to rob the Bernassis of the freedom and peace they’ve found in the air, but if there’s anybody who can ride the currents to safety, it’s the Queens of the Sapphire Sea!  

Debuting May 15th, 2016

In a world where the South won the Civil War, this anthology series explores the lives of people inhabiting a realm that is just as dangerous and mystifying as our own.